Calling all High Wycombe Parents!

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HannaA Fri 20-Apr-18 10:02:43

Do you find it difficult to make new friends locally? Is parenting taking over your life and you find you have no time to socialise with like minded people?

Whether you're a parent to be, new parent or an experienced parent, this is for you! I've decided to start a regular weekend meet up group for parents in High Wycombe who want to meet new people with or without your little ones in tow. I say 'parents' as I find that these kind of meets are always aimed at new mums but we should be inclusive of everyone as there may be dads who fit the criteria too. We welcome people of all ages and backgrounds. The only criteria you have to meet is being a parent and looking to make new friends smile

We can start with regular meets, coffee catch-ups, picnics, whatever we fancy then more interesting stuff like daytrips and nights out for meals and drinks when the group gets a bit more established!

I need to gauge interest to know if this will be worthwhile so please comment below or (wave) if you don't want to comment. If you're a bit shy, please don't feel discouraged, we're all in the same boat. You can PM me if you prefer. Any questions feel free to ask smile

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