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Primary schools waiting list in Sutton coldfield

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user1470043932 Thu 19-Apr-18 10:20:08

Hi All,
I am moving to Sutton Coldfield and I realise now that there are no spaces for my son already in primary school. All schools I called there is a waiting list. Two questions for the locals - do people move schools around this areas, so that I can have hope of getting a place in the next year or two? Second, how good is the Shrubbery school? I could stretch the budget to pay for a couple of years, but not beyond that - when I will have two children in school. Thanks all!

ammavalai Thu 11-Jul-19 06:34:16

Hi ...I am moving in to Sutton cold field n having to look out for in year admission for my son who is due his year 1. How long is the waiting time ? Any previous experiences will give us a heads up.
Thanks for your help

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