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AGA007 Wed 18-Apr-18 17:54:22

We are moving to Orpington area soon (1 mile away from the station). We are going to be applying for schools for my daughter to start Year 2 from Sept 2018. When looking online, there is no clear information of catchment areas and I cannot seem to find much info on admissions. The schools closest to our new house are:

1 - Darrick Wood Junior School at 0.5 miles
2 - Tubbenden Primary School at 0.9 miles
3- Crofton Junior School at 0.9 miles
4 - Farnborough Primary School at 1.2 miles
5 - La Fontaine Academy at 1.1 mile

I would really appreciate any information or recommendations on any of these schools as I need to list my preferences.

Appreciate your help.


AGA007 Thu 19-Apr-18 11:31:06

Please help moms.

Anewchapter44 Mon 30-Apr-18 21:03:40

There is no catchment when it comes to un year transfers. If there is a space already at the school then you will be offered it providing there is no waiting list. If there are no spaces in any of your 5 choices you may choose to join the waiting lists fir these schools. The criteria of the waiting list will be similar for most schools with usually siblings, sen and those in care first and then it would be based on distance with those living the closest given more priority. Darrick wood is a very popular school and very unlikely to have space however ive known someone to get a discs of the waiting list within six months and they lived very close to the school. Im not sure about tubbenden but Farnborough is another popular school which would unlikely have spaces.

Crofton park is a very very big school 180 children per year group i think. They seem to be a good school and scored very well in the sats. However being a big school you may not get that family feel that you would from a smaller school.

La fontaine academy is a good school and does have children leaving all the time for various reasons such as moving house. As its a new school, they are more likely to have a couple spaces. Good luck with your search and i hope you get what you want

AGA007 Tue 01-May-18 07:05:07

Thanks for the information Anewchapter44. Darrickwood Infant is my 1st choice but I understand it is a very popular school. I decided to give Farnborough a pass because it has only 30 seats.

I have heard good reviews about La Fontaine Academy even though I am not sure about the new building and neighborhood. If that would have any negative impact going forward on the school.


Anewchapter44 Thu 03-May-18 06:38:48

Farnborough is a small schools and small schools can be good as you can get more of a family feel and the majority of the children would live locally as the catchment in the normal admission start dates (Sept) are small.

The new site for lfa is good quite central and the majority of the children come from all over the borough. It is not far from the Bromley council offices. May be a bit of a pain to get to if you don't drive but there are many that don't and it seems to be fine. Another good thing is they offer car share where you can buddy with other parents and take it in turns to the pick ups and drop offs. Of course they would need to live near you or on route but its very popular and their are many families that live in Orpington that travel to lfa both drivers and non drivers. They also have an after school club that closes at 7 which is good for working parents.

If Darrick wood is your nearest school you will get in eventually as you should be high on the list. Having the option to walk to school would be great. Bromley common can be very congested in the mornings. I would book an appointment to view lfa if that is the school you really want. It really is a good school

AGA007 Wed 09-May-18 14:39:17

Thanks for your help Anewchapter44. I am grateful.

NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 Sat 12-May-18 21:44:02

Why not contact Bromley council and check what they have available?
For a year two admission you are not in a great position to pick unless they somehow have places in each of them.

NK493efc93X1277dd3d6d4 Sat 12-May-18 21:44:58

You could always change to a closer school in year 3 when most schools take an extra 3 per class based on location.

AGA007 Wed 16-May-18 19:03:18

Thanks a lot!!

AGA007 Tue 24-Jul-18 13:04:56

Hi Anewchapter44!

So my DD finally got a place at LaFontaine Academy and would be starting September in year 2. Since the schools are already closed for the summer I was hoping if you maybe can help me with understanding some of the basic about the school. Hope it's okay with you.

1. Am I suppose to buy the book bag also from the school or can my daughter use her own school bag?

2. Is she allowed to take packed lunch from home?

3. How crowded it gets in the mornings and afternoons at dropoff and pickup time. Any suggestions please?? I have been told to use the Canon street entrance.

4. Does school have any lunch clubs also or there are only the paid after school clubs?

5. Anyone driving from Orpington? How bad can the traffic get in the mornings?

6. Anyother information that may help us with the transition.


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