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Grammar school options for Milton Keynes kids

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bobnl Mon 16-Apr-18 15:26:31

Hi All,

Can you please let me know, If I live in any of the following MK areas, what are the Grammar schools my kids can apply?

Two mile Ash
Great Holm
Shenley church end
Shenley Lodge

Looks like Aylesbury grammar schools and Royal Latin school is not in the catchment area.

bunbunny Wed 18-Apr-18 23:48:54

MK doesn't have it's own grammar schools - although they can apply to grammar schools in Buckingham, Aylesbury and Leighton Buzzard.

However, from watching what people say over the last few years, it seems that as there are more and more people living in Buckingham, Aylesbury and LB, there are more people living in those places to take up spaces in the grammar schools and the number of kids going from MK is falling. I've heard people say that whereas in the past their neighbours/friends locally have had children that have got in living in assorted grid squares, that now they have applied for their children to go but they are missing out due to being too far away as the schools are already full.

Be warned that if you do want to apply to the Buckinghamshire grammar schools, you'll need to enter to take their entrance exam - if you live in Buckinghamshire it's all sorted through the primary schools and I believe it's done automatically (plus they will do some work towards it in class) - in MK you need to look into it all yourself, register (before the end of the summer term in Y5 - beware because MK do all their moving up to secondary school stuff in September/October Y6 and won't mention grammar schools - and it will be too late to register to take the exams), take the exams etc.

DS1 has friends that live in the areas you mention - several of them go to grammar schools in Buckingham and Aylesbury.

Remember that just because the other schools are not grammar schools, it doesn't mean there aren't some excellent schools in MK. And although their results don't look as good as the grammar schools, they don't have a selective intake so you would expect them to have children that don't get such good grades that bring down the overall level. But when you look at what the top end of students are getting, they get pretty good results and are doing some excellent stuff in the extra curricular work they do, lots of dc competing at county and national level in their chosen sports, and outside of sports they're winning national competitions, taking part in all sorts of different events...

Denbigh and Shenley Brook End both get excellent/good reviews from parents I know with dc at them, Hazeley seems to get more mixed reviews. They're the three closest senior schools to the areas you list.

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