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Considering a move, looking for good primary school

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poppsitoy Sun 15-Apr-18 19:32:15

We're considering a move from Seattle, USA to Cambridge later this year. Before we can finalize, we're evaluating primary schools in Cambridge for our 7-year old. He'll be starting 2nd grade in September 2018.

I realize the admissions deadlines have passed. Given we don't have a home yet, I'd appreciate any help and advice on what would be realistic for admission into a good primary school.

So far, I've looked at Spinney and Histon & Impington. The latter seems more favorable based on location. Any advice on application process and school curriculum for a 2nd grader coming from the US?

poppsitoy Sun 15-Apr-18 19:36:24

Specifically looking for schools with strong STEM curriculum (science, tech, math). Thanks in advance!

GrouchingTiggerHiddenSomething Mon 16-Apr-18 19:56:21

If your child is/will be aged 7 on 1st September 2018 they will be going into year 3 in the UK. You will need to submit an in-year application once you have an address and will be offered a place dependent on where has spaces available. The good news for you is that schools are allowed to have more than 30 in a class once they get to year 3 (reception, year 1 and year 2 classes are strictly limited to 30 children by law).

The national curriculum is followed in the vast majority of state primary schools so they should all cover the same topics. Cambridge does have lots of wonderful STEM opportunities (the science festival each March for eg)

poppsitoy Tue 17-Apr-18 04:44:50

Thanks, that is very useful. Do you know if we can find out which schools have spaces available? We're specifically looking at these for now:
Histon & Impington Junior School
King's Hedges Educational Federation
Morley Memorial Primary School
Shirley Community Primary School

I've emailed the schools and the council as well.

ADescentofWoodpeckers Fri 20-Apr-18 21:48:56

If you scroll down this page you'll see a clicky link called 'Cambridgeshire schools with places available'. They update the list every couple of weeks or so.
Heard good things about the Cambridge University Primary School and Milton Road Primary School as well.
Good luck smile

BringOnTheScience Sun 22-Apr-18 00:03:51

Morely Mem is unusual in having no school uniform. That is rare in the UK. It does have a more 'alternative' vibe than the others you listed.

You won't get into any without a home address in the area though, so get house hunting sorted with a realistic budget. You've got quite a wide potential range in the areas you've mentioned. You also need to consider where you're likely to be working and the resulting commute. Eg MM is just off Hills Rd which is fine for a walk/cycle to the rail station but awful for driving. HIJS is handy for the A14 across the north of the city.

mastertomsmum Sun 22-Apr-18 21:47:12

Ok, so firstly Histon is outside the city as is Spinney (Cherry Hinton).

As regards Morley, drop off by car would be achievable but you’d more than likely want to attempt to live in catchment.

Cambridge has a few schools where uniform is not the norm - Morley and St Matthews are the city ones. It needs pointing out that wearing of uniform as specified can be encouraged but not enforced in state primaries. Generally it is quite relaxed.

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