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Perrott Hill - Year 4 taster day?

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Hall456 Sun 15-Apr-18 17:54:40

I've got a flyer for a year 4 taster day Perrott Hill are holding in a couple of weeks. The school looks lovely and id love my kids to go there. The fees would be a real stretch but I'm just not sure my two are clicking with things at school at the moment, if that makes sense - would you go ahead and put your child in for the taster day anyway, even if you weren't sure you could afford the fees? It's only a Saturday morning and it says it's open to all year 4 children who are interested in seeing what the school is like ahead of September, so there's no obligation. We could afford it if we really loved the school - probably only until Year 8 and then we'd go back to state secondary. It says on their website that some of their pupils go onto Thomas Hardye and Beaminster. Interested to hear any experiences of the school?

salsamummy Thu 19-Apr-18 22:56:23

I don't know much about it but some boys we knew went there and were enjoying it. I think Martin Climes daughter went

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