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Kemptown for families?

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Wellhereweare78 Fri 13-Apr-18 21:50:37

Hello all, looking for some advice - dd will be starting at Brighton College this September and we are looking to move down from London. The areas around the College seem a bit gritty and we have friends in Hove which we love but we can't afford to buy closer to Brighton so it will be quite a long journey into Brighton from the other side of Hove. I have seen a couple of properties on in Kemp town but I get the impression it is more couples that live there rather than families. Does anyone know if there are many families in that area and if not can you recommend other family friendly areas that Brighton College families tend to live around? Thank you!

bluebilli Wed 26-Sep-18 11:54:29

I live in Kemptown with my family in the so called 'gritty'area you are rfering to, even though I have no idea if youre taling about queens park or the estates near the college. Its great but id suggest you stay in Hove

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