How to meet other young women in Leigh?

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TurmericSpiced Thu 12-Apr-18 19:10:00


I'm hoping some of my fellow Leigh-on-Sea dwellers can help me - my husband and I just moved to Leigh from London a month ago, and I'm struggling to meet other young professional women (or young mums!). Most of my friends are still living in SW or SE London, and it would be great to meet some people nearer to my new home.

I don't have kids so mummy groups aren't an option for me, and that seems to be one of the main ways women make new friendships in Leigh. Aside from yoga classes and perhaps the odd DIY workshop, I'm having a tough time coming up with ways to meet people in the community. Ladies, when you moved to Leigh, how did you go about meeting new people?

A bit about me: I'm 28, originally from the US, and I work part-time as a copywriter for a charity in London. The remainder of my time is spent freelance writing, so I have quite a flexible schedule. I love activities like yoga, walking my dog, reading, cycling, drinking cocktails/coffee - I'm up for anything really!

Any advice is much appreciated - thank you so much. smile

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gallicgirl Sat 12-May-18 11:23:55

Have a look at the activities on offer at the community centre or library notice board. There's a pretty wide range.
Leigh is a very social town, lots of people hanging out around the Broadway. I have to admit my friends are 'mum' friends though.

I can see your dilemma when you don't work locally either. How about getting involved with a community group? Try Make Southend Sparkle - cleaning the beach! I think some of the parks have 'friends' groups but I'm guessing the average age of those might be older.

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