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Relocation to UK after 7 years and looking for secondary schools

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Maxiba Thu 12-Apr-18 13:20:26

Hi. We just found out that we will be returning to the UK after having lived abroad for 7 years. DH is starting his new Job in Green Park Reading in December. However, we have 2 DS which are currently in year 8 & 9 (at an international school following the British curriculum so oldest DS has just chosen in IGCSE courses). Because of the DS ages I am happy to move this Summer so that our eldest DS can start his GCSE in year 10 this September. So would rent short time till we find a house to buy. But it seems a nightmare trying to find any secondary schools that have spaces. All good schools are oversubscribed and full in year 9 & 10 and then there is the problem of finding a house to rent in the catchment anyway (and of course applying properly after having moved & having an address in the first place). So we are also looking at private schools. Any information/experiences good or bad with Reddam House, LVS Ascot or Sherfield school? Any other recommendations for schools providing senior schools and 6 Form as wouldn't want another school change? We literally just found out about our relocation a couple of days ago and will be visiting schools in early May. Thanks in advance for any information, appreciate it as I am totally lost....

Tiredbutstillwithapulse Thu 03-May-18 15:32:31

Hi Maxiba. Exciting times for you! I have a child at Reddam House. We're all really happy with the school - lots of opportunities (on the stage, in sport and via clubs etc), great teachers, lots of academic stretch and more support if your children need it. I don't know anyone with children at LVS but have a friend with a child at Sherfield. She says there's been lots of changes recently and is a bit worried. Might settle down though. Hope that helps. Good luck with your move.

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