sw14 primary school reception class waiting lists after national offer day

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Sunshine0925 Wed 11-Apr-18 22:19:41

Hi all,

In advance of national offer day next week I am looking for advice and experience of reception class waiting lists in East Sheen. I applied late for my twins places (legitimate reason, long story) and know on national offer day I will get a letter saying they haven’t been able to offer my children places and that we are on the waiting list.

Q1. Does anyone have experience of east sheen primary schools waiting lists?- we live almost next door to sheen mount - I can see the school from my front door and the main entrance is a 2 min walk, so I expect to be in the top 5 if not first place for that school.

Q2. Does anyone know if i will be able to add my children’s names to other school waiting lists after national offer day? Probably Holy Trinity (we don’t go to church) , marshgate and Thompson House?

Q3. We have private school places for the children lined up but would prefer to go to a local state primary, do you think I should be confident enough of getting state primary places and give these up? I need to let the private school know by the 18th April otherwise I must pay a terms fees in liu of notice which for both children is over £8000! My thoughts are to give them up and take the gamble. £8k is a lot of money!

I would appreciate any experience and opinions! Thank you in advance!

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