Overseas visitors -- June or August better?

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CousinKrispy Thu 05-Apr-18 17:33:16

Hi there! Some of my family may be visiting me and DD (6) this summer. (This is really exciting as they hardly ever come to visit me!!)I have lived in the UK several years but haven't done loads of touristy stuff during school holidays so I'm a bit naive about the realities of school holidays.

They are trying to decide between visiting in August or the late May-early June mid-term. They want to see DD so they want to coincide with school holidays, but are worried that August will be unpleasantly crowded when we are out and about visiting attractions.

We would likely be doing museums or stately homes near Leeds, sculpture park, hopefully some walking/fossil hunting, and they'd be staying at my house instead of a hotel.

Any advice as to which they should choose?

Thank you!

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stickygotstuck Thu 05-Apr-18 20:46:37

If you want DD to be on holiday, August is it.

Also, you are likely to have better weather (thats's very debatable as you know, but still! grin Bound to be a bit warmer at least, maybe...)

I have done lots of stuff in the whole of Yorkshire with DD and friends in August and it's not more crowded than anywhere else during other school holidays. May half-term can also get quite busy too when out and about with the kids.

Beach-type places on the coast might be busy on a specially nice and sunny day, but they won't be packed like those in countries with a properly hot climate. Put it this way, some of my family live in a hot country and have been know to visit us in the UK to 'escape' the crowds in August. So you'll be fine here.

However, do plan ahead for the traffic if going to places like Whitby or Scarborough, it really pays to set off early as main routes can be chock-a-block.

CousinKrispy Fri 06-Apr-18 08:47:47

Thanks so much!

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