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When to move DC for least disruptive in-year admission?!

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StillTickingBoxes Thu 05-Apr-18 13:04:07

I’m going round in circles trying to plot the best route for two DC’s schooling and would love to hear from someone who’s trod this path before…

We’re currently living in West London within a stone’s throw from an ‘outstanding’ primary, so DS (age 2) will likely get into Reception there next year. But we’re in a black hole for secondaries so would need to move before DD (age 5) starts secondary. She’s in Reception (at a less than ideal school, since we moved into the area mid-year…) We’re renting but would like to buy something early next year, and it wouldn’t make sense to buy in this area if we have to move later for secondaries (grammars are our first choice, assuming of course the kids are bright enough to get in!)

DH works close to London Bridge so we’ve been looking at areas within an hour's commute door to door. Walking distance from home to station is a non-negotiable on our lengthy wish list… which also includes more space, a good sized garden, and an area with lots of things for families to do so we don’t feel the need to head back to London every weekend!

So, has anyone moved into Tunbridge Wells mid-year with DCs? How did you navigate finding the right area, i.e. close enough to get into a good primary, but also in catchment for grammars later? Would you recommend a ‘wait-and-see’ approach and move closer to starting secondaries (Y5/6), or at least try to move into the (ridiculously small!) catchment of a good primary to get DS into Reception next year. And perhaps be lucky enough for a sibling place later down the road for older DD... Private would be a stretch for us, but maybe an interim option.

We’re happy to rent for another year or two (max) before buying so have a little flexibility. Budget when that time comes will be around £850k.

Anyone been down this road and happy with their choices – or wishes they’d done anything differently?

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