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Tunbridge Wells help!!

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Twinsplusoneontheway Tue 03-Apr-18 11:39:44


Dilemma is decent square footage, 4 bed on Silverdale road, high brooms area vs 3 bed slightly more expensive in st James area - we have twins ready for primary school in 2.5years time.
Which is the better option?

Twinsplusoneontheway Tue 03-Apr-18 11:45:55

Forgot to mention we have another baby on the way!

bingandflop Tue 17-Apr-18 09:39:52

Tough one. Would you be prepared to divulge the name of the road in the St James area as that would really help me advise? In the main I am not an enormous fan of Silverdale Rd / High Brooms however you would probably be able to get the kids into St Johns which is a good school and you are quite near Grosvenor & Gilbert park (brilliant park). Having the extra bedroom would be brill too.

St James area much nearer town centre. Generally thought of as a better area and, depending on exact location, you should be Ok for St James school (very sought after school). Hope this helps a little

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