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Baby and Todder Group for Professional Young Mums

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CharlotteG1985 Mon 02-Apr-18 09:51:23

I've read a number of threads on Mumsnet started by, and commented on by mums as exasperated by baby groups as me. Common themes include having nothing in common with the other mums, cliquey groups of existing friends and conversations being only about babies.

Soon after my baby was born I began attending these groups and quickly realised it would take months of persistent attendance before I would make any meaningful friends which I knew would all be for naught when I returned to work after 6 months of mat leave.

The result is I now have a lovely 2yo but no local mum friends. I am also currently pregnant with my second and was considering whether or not I should give the groups another go, when it occurred to me that surely there must be other local mums who would like to have a baby, a career and other mum friends too! If only there was a group where we could all get together…

I am not aware of any such group near to where I live so I concluded the only thing I could do was try to set one up. I have created a Facebook Group called "Batley and Morley Professional Young Mums" (

If you are a pregnant and plan to return to work afterwards, are on maternity leave with your return to work rapidly approaching or are a working young mum and want to make friends with other professional mums, please ask to join this group.

I hope that members can get together with their little ones at a time which does not clash with work (evenings/weekends) and start to build a friendship group that can survive the return to work and beyond!

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