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Ikley, Otley, Harrogate - where to live?

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Hollallo Thu 29-Mar-18 20:07:35

Hi everyone,

My husband and I are considering a relocation from London (Richmond Upon Thames) to Yorkshire.

I grew up in Leeds (South) but have lived away since I was 18 (now 36), my husband is from Devon.

I'd be really interested in peoples opinions on which area would be best for us.

It's a semi reluctant move, as I really love where we live now, but we want to start a family, have a bit more disposable income and be closer to my family. So I'm looking for somewhere that won't be a complete culture shock (i.e. lovely shops, nice restaurants, cafes etc), has likeminded 30 somethings, and where my husband can commute to Leeds in under an hour. (I work from home).

My first thought was Otley, but also considering Harrogate and Ilkley. We'd like 4 bedrooms and a garden, period and want to ideally spend around £500,000. I don't mind doing work so it doesn't have to be picture perfect.

Where do you all love to live and why? I'd like to be able to afford a house that is a short walk to the town centre, as that's what I'm used to.

Would be lovely to hear from anyone that's made a similar move? How did you find it? I'm a bit worried about seen as the Londoners pushing prices up, and not fitting in. Have read lots of comments on other forums wishing the 'Southerners' would stay down South, so I'm a bit worried about how easy it will be to make friends.

Sorry for such a long post! Would love to hear from you.


NeverTwerkNaked Thu 29-Mar-18 20:11:55

I’d pick somewhere on the Ilkley - Leeds train line if possible, if either of you will be working in Leeds- really good for commuting and good schools.

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