Moving to Perthshire from Australia

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Austraveller86 Thu 29-Mar-18 00:12:16

Hello, I was hoping to get some recommendations regarding schools and great areas to live around Perthshire. My Husband and our three children aged 9yrs, 6yrs and 2yrs will be relocating from Australia to Scotland at the end of May 2018.

I really want somewhere with a great school for my two older children. A great community feel and access to after school and weekend sports/activities will also be great.

We will have work in Perth and possibly Dundee. We are quite outdoorsy, so somewhere with nice scenery/countryside but within a 30 minute commute to Perth would be ideal.

I know it's a very long wish list, so all in all, a great school would certainly be a priority.

Thank you in advance smile

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Austraveller86 Thu 29-Mar-18 00:14:22

Also, if anyone can recommend a play group for my youngest and somewhere for me to meet fellow Mums would be fantastic. As I will not know anyone when we first movegrin

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