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Lawrence Sheriff or princethorpe

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BeeOak Wed 28-Mar-18 15:52:00

I'm new to the Rugby area. We moved here due to grammar schools, access to motorway for work etc.
Child got a place in Lawrence Sheriff grammar (LSS) and also got a place at Princethorpe college (PC) on a combo of scholarship and bursary such that what's left is 'affordable'. We are not rich (yet! smile) but would sacrifice within our means, as many parents would do, if it means we would get that 'extra'
We don't know much about the two school other than what we've researched online and seen on open days.
Does anyone know about the two schools? How do they compare? I know that grammar schools are hot on academics and we want that. we are also considering any added value a private school could bring, PC in particular??
We are really confused cos we know about LSS's performance but don't want to be throwing a great opportunity away if we didn't go PC??
Money is not the issue here, like I said not rich yet but we just want to know if there's any value in going private over grammar. Our child is quite academic and intelligent (bless him) and likes a challenge.
Any help if you know about the school will be appreciated.

doglover102 Sun 15-Jul-18 14:55:44

I've got two kids, one who went to Princethorpe and one who goes to Sheriff.
It all depends on your kid and what he needs from a school. If he has any SEN needs at all this needs to be carefully considered. Princethorpe as a private school gets away with pushing those kids to the sides and refusing to do anything. DS was there for 3 years, the first year was fine, the second was worse, and the third left him (And us!) in a bad place. So you need to think about that. I'm not sure how LS is with SEN kids, sorry!

Princethorpe Pros
- Teachers/ staff are often supportive and know how to get the best out of your kid
- Vertical House Tutor Grouping - there are roughly 5 kids from each year and they stay in this group throughout their time at PC. It works relatively well and means kids are supported by the older ones and there isn't so much of an age gap.
- It's fairly easy to get in. There is entrance exams, but they're fairly easy to pass and get in.
- If your kid is social and academic, they'll get along great and shouldn't have any issues apart from the typical teenage drug/ sex issue.
- Excellent facilities.

Princethorpe cons
- There has been cases of severe bullying, suicide, sexual harassment & so fourth. This is of course an issue with all schools, but princethorpe, despite reassuring all parents that they have a strong ethos and anti bullying policy, the school doesn't do much about it. They suspend kids but let them back in. I've heard horror stories but never heard of a kid being expelled. So possible discipline issue there. Personally, DS, isn't social and got bullied as a result of that.

- Lots of pressure. Perfectly healthy kids go in, come out with mediocre results and chronic stress. DS was told to leave because they weren't willing to support him anymore.. DS often told us he constantly felt like he wasn't enough and the teachers were pushing him far too hard - piling on hours upon hours of homework.

Personally, If your kid has ANY health issues/ difficulty settling in ect ect then I wouldn't go for PC. That said however, if your son is confident and able to handle being pushed hard, mix well with other kids ect, then it'll be a brilliant opportunity for him. Plenty of extra activities and lots of charity work goes on there.

SL pros
- Free
- excellent grades
- plenty of support
- very challenging environment

SL cons
- Extremely hard to get into
- pressure quickly builds

Go to open days, ask around, talk to lots of people, teachers ect. Princethorpe is a great opportunity but it's not as brilliant as everyone says. SL is hard to get into and they expect x out of a kid. Not sure what happens if kid doesn't meet that but I don't think It'll be good. Both schools are good schools, but both have their drawbacks. I'd ask around in local villages as well, look in newspapers and listen to both sides of the story!!

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