Relocating to Nottingham! Please help!

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georgien32 Mon 26-Mar-18 12:08:22

Hi Mums,

My husband has just got a new job that means we will be relocating to Nottingham from London. I am looking for some advice on good areas with good schools - we think this will be a long term thing and so we are thinking ahead to schools (my son is 2). We know that we don't want to be in the city, and with my family still in London we were thinking one of the villages south/southwest of the city to make it easier to get to us from the M1. Somewhere where there are some nice coffee shops/restaurants/pubs - and preferably somewhere where there is a nice mums network would be fab - I don't know anyone up there!

Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated!!


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Silenenutans Thu 29-Mar-18 10:45:50

Hello there,

There are quite a lot of other 'moving to Nottingham' threads here, which cover schools and areas in and around the city but perhaps not the surrounding villages so well.

Nottinghamshire villages are quite a contrasting mixture of agricultural - mostly in the south and east of the county - and ex-mining / industrial, more in the north and west, including the Derbyshire border.

The obvious answer to your question is Ruddington. It's a large village, south of Nottingham. Plenty of shops and cafes and a strong local Mums' network (look up Ruddington Mums). Schools are good.

The secondary school at Keyworth seems good, so looking at its catchment might be useful. Keyworth itself is another large village with facilities. Tollerton is nice and the pre-school and primary are considered very good.

For something more rural, the villages around and including Wymeswold and Wysall are lovely, likewise anything in the Vale of Belvoir (pr. Beaver - really).

More suburban, the Beeston - Chilwell - Bramcote - Toton area is nice, an easy commute into Nottingham (tram, train) with lots of good schools. Attenborough has a real village feel, its own train station and is also close, even walkable to Beeston, which is a cafe hub. The river and nature reserve creates a more rural feel.

Hope that's some help smile

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