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AIBU to expect tradespeople to respond?

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Devora13 Sat 24-Mar-18 13:31:37

We want to turn an outbuilding into a games room which our boys and friends can use year round. We have a problem with incoming water in one place, need to make as draft proof as possible, and perhaps finish off a partially completed extension at the back, draft proof windows and doors. We don't want to spend a fortune though, as it may be we want to turn it into an annex in a few years. We have an old house so someone experienced in older properties might be best, and no doubt we will have ongoing maintenance needs!
Have advertised this job on RatedPeoole, SafeLocalTraders etc, including contacting a number of specific builders. Only 2 replies, one promised quote in a week, still waiting after three weeks. One promised to come over three weeks ago, still no sign. I know good builders are busy, busy. But am I wrong to expect a reply, even if it's a 'no'? Have had a quote for 3 years, builder was trying to retire and I think now has. At this rate the kids will have grown up and left home before we even get off the ground.

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