Tales of Britain LIVE on April 7

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TalesofBritain Wed 21-Mar-18 12:52:30

Hello, Brother Bernard and Sister Sal here!

We're SO sorry if this is the wrong place to invite folk to events, Mumsnet used to have a BRILLIANT events section, but it seems to have totally disappeared!?

Nonetheless, our British folklore storytelling hour for all ages has a special extra-funny edition for this year's Bath Comedy Festival, at Widcombe Social Club (5mins from bath Spa station) on Saturday 7th April at 4pm. FB event page here: www.facebook.com/events/1535706069889163

Perfect for kids who want to join in the fun of the comedy festival!

Tales of Britain is the first British folklore collection to be released in over 40 years, and will be published by Unbound this summer – 77 anarchic tales, complete with tourist guides to each tale's location! Visit www.Talesofbritain.com and click through for more!

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