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Moving to Birmingham

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apillow Mon 19-Mar-18 16:54:06

I am relocating to Birmingham soon in few months time. My DD1 will be starting her secondary school in Camphill Girls School. could someone please recommend a nice area to live close to school. I am new to Birmingham altogether and have DD2 who would need primary school too..Any help will be appreciated. Thank you

Caspiana Mon 19-Mar-18 17:11:57

Welcome to Birmingham OP! Camp Hill is a great school. What’s your approx housing budget please?

apillow Mon 19-Mar-18 17:37:37

Thank you Capsiana. Budget up to 950 per month.

Caspiana Mon 19-Mar-18 17:49:28

Ok, camp Hill is in an area called Kings Heath which is pretty safe but not especially posh where I think you could probably rent for £950 a month. I don’t know about getting children into primary school except in reception but Kings Heath primary is a decent school (possibly even outstanding).

Moseley borders Kings heath and is one of the posher suburbs. It is pricier but depending on what kind of accommodation you want, you could probably find something. A bus goes from moseley high street to camp Hill (35).

MaximumVolume Mon 19-Mar-18 17:53:17

Number 11 and Number 50 buses go past/ very near Camp Hill school, which might help with identifying areas.

Sally273 Mon 19-Mar-18 21:29:20

We are moving to Sutton Coldfield and our nearest primary school is Coppice. Is this a good one or should I apply for one of the others nearby?

apillow Mon 19-Mar-18 22:10:25

Thank you Capsiana. Hope I find something soon.

SqrlBuny77 Tue 22-May-18 21:02:40

Hello! We are moving from the Midwest to the Midlands in the fall. My DH's office will be approx. 25 minutes south of the New Street Station. I will probably attend Univ of Birmingham to continue my grad studies while caring for our DD (9 and 4 by September).
I don't want to live in Birmingham and would be open to a village outside the city with a good train line. DH is also open to a commute (no more than one hour)
We will rent for the first year--budget 1300-1500--but will increase for a great primary school that feeds into a great secondary school (I am not sure if that is how schools work in the UK)
Most important thing is to be within catchment area for schools --would love to walk DD's to school and then walk to train.

Also, open to any advice if I am going about this the wrong way.


myrtleWilson Tue 22-May-18 21:07:03

Hi Squrl - you may be better off starting a thread of your own - otherwise people coming onto this one may just answer the original poster rather than you.

If you copy your message and then go up to the top of the page and click on the "start new thread" that should take you to your own thread. I'll look out for it and answer you there!

KingsHeathen Tue 22-May-18 21:18:50

Can you say where you mean by "25 mins south of new st"? 25 mins walking? Bus? Car?
Pm if you don't want to say on board.

SqrlBuny77 Wed 23-May-18 14:41:25

Yes, thanks myrtleWilson. I will start a new thread. looks like 25 minutes including a short bus ride and walking. I will re-post.


BackforGood Fri 08-Jun-18 00:35:21

Camp Hill schools are on the No 11 bus route, which is known as the 'Outer Circle' as it goes on a 26odd mile trip round and round the City. This means it is pretty easy to get to on the bus.
Your issue is going to be, that Primary schools that are very popular, are likely to be full, for a mid year transfer (or start of year really, if you aren't applying to start Reception in 2019 or later).
Depending on how big a house you want (I'm not sure about rental prices) you might want to look in Bournville, and (the nicer parts of) Kings Norton, which the 11 goes through, and are only a short bus ride away, and have some good Primary schools. Kings Norton is a bit of a mixed area though, with some lovely houses, and also some quite rough estates, and a lot in between, so come back to us when you have scoped out a few.
Bit further round you have Harborne which is 'naice', and has good Primary schools, but is a bit lacking in secondary, if your dc2 doesn't get into Cam Hill when the time comes.
A lot of Selly Oak is where the students live, but part of B29 (Selly Oak) addresses cover the BVT (Bournville Village Trust) land, have some nice houses too, and again, a short walk from the 11 route.

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