Primary schools - help!!

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ChantyP Mon 19-Mar-18 14:09:52

Hello 😊
We’re moving from Orpington to Hartfield, a small village between T.Wells and E.Grinstead.
My eldest daughter is in reception and we are looking at the schools in the area which have spaces, which are:

Hartfield (st Mary’s CofE)

Does anyone have any advice/opinions/thoughts on any of these schools and how they compare?
I don’t know the area or anyone at all in the area so any advice at all would be brilliant!

My daughter currently goes to an enormous primary (180 per year!!) which she loves and I’m worried the change to such a tiny village school will be too much for her? Although I love the feel of a village school where everyone knows each other and it’s very personal vs being a little fish in a big pond.

Penshurst and Fordcombe were both lovely, can anyone give any comparisons on them? There were 6 spaces available at Fordcombe which seems a lot, does anyone know why?

The results for st Mary’s CofE were terrible and I know it’s not the be all and end all but does anyone know why this might be?

Any feedback at all would be really helpful!!

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Racbat Sun 25-Mar-18 20:03:20

Hi can I jump on your thread!!
We used to live in Hartfield, it is loverly and so close to the forest!
We are in the same situation, we moved away to France 5 years ago and are moving back to the area, more Tunbridge Wells, Penshurst so we are looking for 2 places year 2,4! But I also have no clue!! Chiddingstone everyone says is loverly! St Mary’s I was told was loverly! We looked at Groombridge last week but the head was like “why are you here we have no places”😒😒 so yes any info would be great! 💪🏼

ChantyP Sun 25-Mar-18 21:10:12

Hi RacBat!
I have looked at Fordcombe and penshurst, they were lovely! Not sure if they have spaces in year 4 and 2 but worth a try? And close to you too if your going to be more penshurst way?
Would you mind if I asked you what Hartfield is like since you lived there before? It seems lovely but we’ve only visited a handful of times. So hard to know what an area is like on a few visits! Is there much of a village community? Is there much to do for the kids? Are there many families there? We’re buying a house on butcherfield Lane and am looking at sending my youngest to the Playschool in the old train station!
Thanks 😊 xx

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Racbat Mon 26-Mar-18 20:09:09

Yes like I said Hartfield is loverly! But we had no children only animals! Are you horsey?? As it is great fir hacking out and lots of fab yards! Not sure on family activity ! Forest row is also great! That is full of community stuff plus the school is great, if I could live anywhere it would be there!! Lots of free living hippie family types, and a village that has everything!! Thank you for advice on schools! The trouble is we will not confirm a house till July! Unless I just put my mums address! The council have come back and said were there are places now! But could change by September!!! So frustrating!!!! Have you looked at all the schools!? Best to go and see them so you can get a feel! We are back in half term I might try and see a few!!!
Not sure when the schools stop! As we have 2 weeks of from the 6th!

ChantyP Sun 01-Apr-18 23:03:18

Yes am horsey 😊 I’ve never owned my own horse before but have always ridden and would love to have my own horse eventually. There is a bridleway right by our house that I could use! And down the road from the mechanical horses place too. Assuming you are horsey too?
Yes forest row is lovely!
Mmmmm tricky with the schools, as they won’t offer you a place until you’ve exchanged or have a rental agreement, and even then when they offer you a place you have to take it up within 10 working days 🙈so you kind of have to choose the house first and hope the school situation sorts itself out as you cannot guarantee a school!
Our schools are off now and don’t go back till 16th April, have a good look around, I have seen 4 now and it’s brilliant for comparisons to help you decide what you do/don’t like. What schools did they say had available places?
Fingers crossed for you 😊 x

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Racbat Mon 02-Apr-18 20:39:53

Hi yes
Horse 🐎 we have 3 !
Yes I’ll try and find email although she said it might changed as it’s only updated monthly!!!
This is going to be so hard!
First we need to find a house then school or school then house???
Yes we are over on the 11th for 12 days so going to look at a few more! Will keep you updated !
In France you go to the school we’re u live that is that!!!
What if you don’t drive?
Or you have loads of kids!
I’m getting frustrated already!! Will need lots of luck xx😜

ChantyP Thu 05-Apr-18 20:13:35

3 horses?! Amazing!
Good luck with the search I hope it goes well! Let me know 😊 x

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Racbat Thu 05-Apr-18 20:36:11

Cheers x

Toniakortsa Thu 10-May-18 22:35:39

Toniafootball hello!I live the Good Green and i have 2boys 8 and 4years.I want to found a good school..the school is:1)Earltham primary school 2)Lordsgip lane primary 3)alexandra primary school 4)oakthorpe primary school and exist the athers school.I'm sorry for my english.please if you know somethink thank you

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