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Alternatives to Clytha Primary

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Hannahmj Sat 17-Mar-18 21:23:43

We are moving to near Clytha Primary unfortunately I think they will have no spaces as we are an in year transfer - does anyone have an recommendations of other good local schools we could apply for?

Hannahmj Sat 17-Mar-18 21:24:33

Also local nurseries / nursery schools for younger child?

CremeDeSudo Tue 20-Mar-18 10:35:08

Hi Hannah

What year is your Clytha -aged child?

Have you looked on Rightmove for distance from each school? And Estyn results? I'd say Glasllwch, Gaer, St Woolos, High Cross are all good schools locally. Glasllwch and HIgh Cross are probably also over-subscribed though.

Nurseries - Burleigh House is just down the road from Clytha School. Monmouth House, Norfolk House, Sunnybank. Also I think all the schools mentioned have nurseries associated with them xx

Hannahmj Tue 20-Mar-18 11:12:40

Thank you - she is in class 1 would be going into class 2 in September. Looked on Estyn etc but good to also have local knowledge - currently of above St.Woolos is the only one within walking distance with space (currently). We are literally a stones throw from Clytha - my son will be going there in September 2019 but I suppose it all depends on if someone if from her class leaves. Thank you Burleigh house is full - will visit the other nurseries.

CremeDeSudo Tue 20-Mar-18 11:33:34

I have two nieces in St Woolos and their Mum is a reception teacher and head of early years at another Newport school. No complaints about the school at all and has a good reputation smile

CremeDeSudo Tue 20-Mar-18 11:34:08

DS went to Lullabyz which is just over the bridge but I can't speak highly enough of. Depends what location is best for you x

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