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northernlass2 Fri 16-Mar-18 21:22:32


We are moving to Brighton & Hove area in the Summer and whilst our boys are at primary school currently, I've been told to consider catchment areas for high schools now.

I've been told that Dorothy Stringer is the best high school, but I'm not sure on what basis that judgement was made. How close to the school do you need to be to get a place?

Also, what other schools would you recommend? Our older son has ADHD and needs extra support so I am particularly interested in the SEN and pastoral care side of the school, rather than purely academic results.

Thanks very much.

T00much Sun 18-Mar-18 20:02:49

This is just from what I've heard but Patcham is the one with a good SEN reputation. It's a much smaller school too.

Dorothy Stringer as long as you are living in the catchment you have as much chance of getting in whether you're just within the border or next door to the school - it's a lottery

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