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northernlass2 Fri 16-Mar-18 21:08:22

We are moving to the Brighton and Hove area in the Summer so I need to find out about primary schools. Does anyone have children at any of the following schools, please?

Westdene Primary
Bilingual School
Stanford Infants & Junior school

We are torn between getting somewhere closer to the seafront or going further into the suburbs, where I guess there is more room and you're more likely to have parking/driveway etc. We like the idea of living in Hove, within walking distance of the seafront but I'm just not sure if there are as many families in that area or if we would be better in another area?? Is parking a problem in Hove? I don't mind on street parking but only if we can park outside our house. ie. I don't want to be parked miles away every day because I think that would just become annoying after a short while??

I don't really know the areas that well, having only visited a couple of times. Any advice much appreciated.


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Didntcomeheretofuckspiders Sat 24-Mar-18 09:47:14

You’ll have parking problems wherever you live in Brighton and Hove unless you are quite far out. Pretty much everywhere is residents only but that doesn’t stop it being hard to get spaces! If it’s a big priority for you, you definitely want to be getting somewhere with a drive/garage.

Hove is very family friendly, arguably more so than central Brighton, and has great facilities. The Poets Corner/Portland rd/Stoneham Park areas are particularly family oriented.

Stanford has always had a very good reputation in Brighton but is quite big and has no playing fields/green spaces of its own. From my understanding it’s quite hard to get into. Don’t know a great deal about Westdene but it’s a bit smaller and more village school like I think, being in a suburb rather than so central. Have Bilingual Primary school moved to Hove now? They were operating from Sussex uni. They didn’t get good ofsted reviews and seemed a little chaotic but it’s an interesting idea and they may well have improved.

Goddamitt Tue 03-Apr-18 00:40:06

Westdene is a really good school. My youngest is there and my eldest left last year for high school. We lived in Westdene for 10 years and liked it. We moved to Patcham village a couple of years ago and I do prefer it there. There’s better shops/cafe’s/pubs/restaurants. Westdene is a great school as they have playing fields and dedicated music and sports teachers which is rare in a state primary.

northernlass2 Thu 26-Apr-18 23:40:56

Thanks for the replies. I have booked visits at both bilingual and westdene schools so hopefully one of those will be exactly what we are looking for :-)

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