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Older mums in Kent

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Russkispy Thu 15-Mar-18 18:43:59

Hi there, just wondering if there are “older” mums on here? Where are you all hiding? I’m in Gravesend and have my DD who is now 9 months.
It would be nice meeting ladies around my age and chat about anything and everything and not always necessarily about babies.

newmum40 Thu 29-Mar-18 05:44:35

How old is older? Group of us 40's meet Canterbury weekly

Russkispy Tue 03-Apr-18 15:25:07

I’ll be 42 in 2 weeks 😉

rayotlou2 Fri 06-Apr-18 23:42:11

I was just wondering where in Canterbury you ladies meet. I’m 37 and mum to 3 boys aged 13,9 and 5 and currently pregnant with number 4! Thank you

newmum40 Mon 30-Apr-18 05:58:05

Hi all, with children at nursery, we've started meeting for adult time at various cafes normally Thursd mornings i've kept this up with baby until crawling stage which then changes everything!
I meet friends with children at play centres like Big Fun House, do either of you go? We go at least once a week. Mon or Fri lunchtime is usual for us. Any good?

Saz1995 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:06:50

I’m 22 😂 so a bit young lol! I’m in Maidstone so not too far

newmum40 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:10:42

Saz, good morning! What's it been like finding groups near you? Must be thriving in Maidstone?

Saz1995 Mon 30-Apr-18 06:17:46

Morning! Theirs loads of groups where I live. We also have a big sure start centre where they do loads of baby and mother groups which are fantasticsmile my little boy loves the baby massage

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