Anyone in Huddersfield?

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YesItsADebate Wed 14-Mar-18 12:20:01

At the moment, Huddersfield is a grey area on this map of people who have signed a petition asking the government to consult women on changes to laws that protect their rights, safety, privacy and dignity. If you think that women should be consulted on laws that profoundly affect them, please sign here. Thanks flowers

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Hoppinggreen Tue 03-Apr-18 08:09:19

I signed it a while ago so not sure why it’s grey
Hopefully it isn’t anymore, however I did ask ourlocal female Labour MP what her position on self ID was and got a very disappointing result

BlueisthenewGrey Tue 03-Apr-18 08:29:51

Sorry didn't see this, my family are in Hudds so 5 of them signed back when there was no signatures, i'm very pleased it's risen since as every time I checked it seemed stuck on 5.

I was very surprised at the lack of signatures, Huddersfield is very diverse and has a large uni, although I do wonder what Hudds unis take is on the issue. When i was there there (20 years ago) i would have said there were some amazing femanist lectures. However, the Colne Valley seemed to gather signatures very fast so pleased by that.

I'm still working on Hudds though, I still have some friends to see. I had mixed results with my Halifax friends too.

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