Anyone live in Aura or Abode?

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MyBoysHaveDogsNames Tue 13-Mar-18 20:25:57

We are looking to relocate from one of the villages.

Does anyone know if the road will open completely between the two sites, so linking Hobson Avenue and Lime Avenue? Currently it is only open to buses and I assumed it would stay that way but it’s hard getting a straight answer from the housebuilders!

I like the location of Aura but prefer the Abode houses. Any feedback would be welcome!

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DorothyParker111 Wed 14-Mar-18 08:25:37

The spine road will keep the restriction - so buses & bikes can cut through, but not private cars.

MyBoysHaveDogsNames Wed 14-Mar-18 19:55:29

Thanks Dorothy. Do you live there if you don't mind me asking? Just wondered what you thought of it.

Think we are leaning towards Aura but obviously depends on what's available when we get an offer on ours.

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DorothyParker111 Thu 15-Mar-18 08:04:17

Hi MyBoys, no I don't live there but relatively nearby. I have heard some tales of dissatisfied purchasers on Abode - build quality seems to come in for criticism, and the community facilities for Great Kneighton seem to be lagging way behind promised delivery dates. Parking is another hot topic across the area ...

If you're moving in from one of the villages to avoid a commute, and you'll be working on the Biomed Campus; or if you have children at the local schools, then I can see why you are interested. But if you are planning on moving in and then commuting out by car, bear in mind that 5000 extra jobs will be locating on the Biomed Campus in late 2018/early 2019 with the opening of the AZ, Papworth & Abcam buildings. And no-one has even begun to explain how the road network in the south of the city is not going to grind to a total halt at that point ...

MyBoysHaveDogsNames Thu 15-Mar-18 15:32:18

Hi Dorothy. Yes, I noticed the parking was tricky even during the day. I had a drive around Abode and Aura yesterday and can imagine that traffic will easily quickly build up at peak times and when the secondary school gets bigger.

We are moving to be nearer school and are both self-employed. As long as my husband can get onto the M11 it should be fine.

Thank you for the info - now I just need to sell my house!

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