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Advice on distances for Alexandra, St Paul's, Coombe Infant Schools

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Vanessa22 Tue 13-Mar-18 14:22:21

Hi there,
I'm hoping to get some advice on the elusive schools question! My husband and I (with 2.5 year-old-daughter) are looking to buy a house that is potentially in the right area for Alexandra, St Paul's or Coombe Hill Infant. We are looking at some houses in KT2 that are likely to fall in the right area based on distance requirements, but we have also recently seen some houses near Norbiton station that we like (on Homersham, Cobham and Chesham Roads in KT2).

I have spoken directly with Kingston Council school admissions, as well as with the individual schools, but have received some conflicting information on the likelihood of being "in" for the above schools if we are in a house around Homersham/Cobham roads.

I know that it's less likely than the KT2 properties we're looking at - and that there are no guarantees given that so much depends on sibling numbers in any given year... but wondering if any parents have first-hand insight/experience of living in those roads and getting into those schools?

On a more general note, I'd also welcome any views on other area schools - Latchmere, Fern Hill, King Athelstan etc. I'm due to visit several of the schools in the coming weeks, but nothing replaces parents' views!

We are new to Kingston and this is our first experience trying to navigate the school system in general, so any advice greatly appreciated.

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