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hernameisalice Sun 11-Mar-18 16:40:52

Hello all!

DH and I are moving to the Wakefield area in a few months time. We're trying to get a feel for different areas, but a lot of the information I've found online is at least 2-3 years out of date, so I was looking for more up-to-date, local knowledge.

DH needs to be within a half hour walk of Wakefield Westgate station, which from what I've researched seems to cover the towns of Alverthorpe, Flanshaw, Thornes, Belle Vue, East Moor, Wrenthorpe, Newton Hill, Agbrigg and Lupset (if I've missed any, please do feel free to add!).

If anyone could give me an idea of any of those that stand out as 'would avoid' or anywhere they've heard/know good things about, that would be super helpful. Things that matter to us are the general community feel (I'm used to being in a community where it takes half an hour to grab a pint of milk from the shop because you get stuck nattering!) but also thinking about schools for the future as well. We're lucky that our budget is fairly generous, but obviously not infinite!


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jaxilon Wed 25-Apr-18 09:19:26

Hi. I was wondering if there was any replies to this message and if anyone had any advice about Wakefield? I am pretty new to Mumsnet despite having 8 ' children' (they are grown up now apart from my 9 year old) so please bear with me!

I live in Blackpool and have all my life but OH is moving for his job and I have never even been to the place! He will be working in Horbury.

Any advice at all will be gratefully received!
Thank you

CaptainBrickbeard Wed 25-Apr-18 09:21:52

Lofthouse and Carlton are nice - Carlton definitely has a villagey friendly atmosphere. Might not be walkable to the Westgate station, but there is a station in Outwood which is closer.

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