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Spending some time in MK over Easter -

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ReelingLush18 Sat 10-Mar-18 15:40:52


We're visiting family friends, for the first time, this Easter. Looking for some suggestions for things to do with extended family (including toddlers to teenagers). Outdoorsy things, good restaurants and pubs and anything unique to do which wouldn't be immediately obvious to tourists.


PerspicaciaTick Sat 10-Mar-18 15:47:33

Bletchley Park is very good, plenty of outside space, lots of interactive stuff, a play area for the toddlers, very interesting and good audio guides (with puzzles and videos).

The canal museum at Stoke Bruern is also good, but might be a bit hairy with toddlers (although they might enjoy going on a canal boat).

ReelingLush18 Mon 12-Mar-18 08:33:40

Thanks PerspeicaciaTick. Any good tips for where to eat out?

Montgomerystubercles Mon 12-Mar-18 08:40:01

The tree cathedral (next to Gulliver's kingdom) is a bit different, and lots of space to run around. And Howe park is good, a wood and small play area - there is a lovely cafe there too and they have drop in 'forest school' sessions for pre schoolers on Thursdays.

Gin96 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:35:06

Willen Lake for teens, there is Tree top extreme, Wake boarding and a lovely playground for younger children

Gin96 Mon 01-Apr-19 20:48:59

To eat out there is the Barge at Woolstones which is a lovely old pub or the Hub has quite a few restaurants to choose from, The Grange for an Indian is delicious, it depends what you want, Milton Keynes is very spread out, lovely old pubs in surrounding villages or modern restaurants in the centre, there is a theatre, skiing at Xscape, cinema, shopping, ice skating

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