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Secondary schools in Great Ashby - is Barclay as bad as OFSTED says?

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funnyfairy360 Sat 10-Mar-18 09:57:55

Hi all

Been living in GA for a couple of years now. DD in Year 5 and assumed she would go to Nobel school but now I hear we have no chance and she is likely to get Barclay. Is it as bad as they say? Now wondering whether to make another move while we have time but DH very resistent to that idea and we just keep arguing about it. Any other Y5 parents anxious?

PumpkinKitty82 Thu 11-Oct-18 12:11:42

Hi, I am also living in GA but my dd is in year 3 but already starting to worry about secondary schools.
Such a minefield and like you say Nobel is meant to be our catchment but the chances of getting in are slim .
Starting to think we need to move too but what ‘better’ schools are there ??

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