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Moving to Perth- the good ,the bad and the ugly! Advice on schools and areas to move to.

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dewdrops4 Sat 10-Mar-18 00:21:48

Hi, I am moving in the next few months to Scotland. My Husband has been offered a job in Dundee. I have four children ages between 7 and 17 , so I need to find a suitable Primary, secondary and 6 th form. My husband is Scottish and lived in and near Glasgow but we have been living in Yorkshire for the last 18 years. We are aware of a few schools in the area, we are also looking in Dundee but not sure about living there. I love Scotland and the people and come up often to Glasgow and the Scottish Highlands. However I am completely unfamiliar with Perth / Dundee. We have made an exploratory trip up and intend to make a couple more trips up to find out more. The kids currently go to good schools and are all quite academic. I am slightly concerned about some of the rent news relating to the high schools here and also some trouble hotspots. A bit of local knowledge re schools, where to live would be great!.

motherstongue Tue 13-Mar-18 20:39:09

Is your 17 year old in the middle of A levels? If so, would you consider private for her? We don't do separate 6th forms in Scotland and the state schools will be doing. Scottish highers (5th year - equivalent to lower 6th) then advanced highers (6th year - equivalent to upper 6th). Normally you do 5 highers in 5th year (lower 6th) but your 17 year old is probably only doing 3 A levels. Some of the boarding schools in Perthshire do the English examinations and you can attend as a day pupil so this would allow her to finish her A levels.
I know nothing about the state schools in Perth though so can't help in that regard.

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