Hitchin school for boys/girls

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Busymummy50 Tue 06-Mar-18 11:45:31

Can anyone with experience of having a child at either the boys or girls school, let me know what you think if it?

How is the pastoral care? Do they deal well with bullying? Do they help kids with aspergers well?

Anyone chose single sex school and it worked well or wished they sent their kids to a mixed sex school instead?

What a the area like in general for children, is there much going on? And with teenagers, are there plenty for them to do and easy enough for them to get around themselves?

What's the area like in general?

Being half chinese, will we fit in easily? Are people generally friendly? We have visited some areas (not Hertfordshire) where it just doesn't feel welcoming. We'd love to be in an area with good community spirit!

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