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Cleland/Motherwell - Is it nice/safe?

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CalifornianScotland Sun 04-Mar-18 20:05:48

We are moving to Scotland and want Edinburgh as well as Glasgow to be accessible. Our top budget is £285k and we have found a really nice new build in Cleland with good square footage. I can't find much online about this village, but it is a satellite village of Motherwell and it is also near Wishaw. Has anyone here heard of this village? Is Motherwell/Wishaw a safe place to move with kids? We would like a large house 4+ bedrooms, at least a single garage, but most importantly very large and pretty newish (we're scared of a reno due to having toddlers)

justalittlemilk Sun 28-Apr-19 15:57:43

Motherwell has its good bits and bad bits same as most places, but Cleland is a nice enough area smile

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