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Very good hairdresser in Kingston/Surbiton/Wimbledon/Richmond?

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Gotakeahike Sat 10-Mar-18 14:08:35

John at Stone Hair on Old London Road.

LouiseLondon1 Sat 10-Mar-18 14:04:09

Thx, saw that recommended previously so might have to pay them a visit!

biggreencat Fri 09-Mar-18 15:00:10

Metropolis in Kingston has always been pretty good.

NiceHotBath Sat 03-Mar-18 18:35:28

JFM Hair & Beauty just along from TK Maxx in Wimbledon is good - never had colour done but very happy with the cut.

LouiseLondon1 Sat 03-Mar-18 18:34:23

Hi everyone, first post from me!

I’ve seen a few posts but from quite a few years ago...
I’m new to the area and would like to find a local hairdresser who is good/ really good. I don’t want to pay really high central London prices, but certainly not the lower end chains. Someone talented with plenty of experience please. Ideally someone really good at colouring and balayage as I need to fix a previous hairdressers poor attempt ...😒. Can be anywhere close-ish to Kingston. Thx!

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