Meeting the school head? admissions for new students

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Winnipegger78 Thu 01-Mar-18 15:57:10

Could any one give insight into benefits of meeting with the school headmaster/mistress when hoping to get admission for one's DC?

We are coming in for a year sabbatical and with no car, I HOPE our two children (year 5 and year 2) can get into the school that is within 20 min walking distance (Newnham Croft), or the other that is on the bus line (UCPS). All others from Clare Hall are quite a long walk (35 min+) or no easy bus access.

Basically, would fly over to UK if meeting with the school head would help chances of getting into a school. Have contacted the city council and waiting response, but I have found you folks to be very informative and generous. If what we hope doesn't happen, we'll make it work, as this is something you all deal with!

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cakeaddict Thu 01-Mar-18 16:15:29

For state schools the allocation is done by local authority and depends upon space being available in the school, whether or not there is a waiting list, and your place on that waiting list based on the published admission criteria.

Headteachers do not 'choose' to accept or decline families, so meeting with them or not meeting with them will have no bearing on the decision.

You might want to check with the University of Cambridge Primary School whether they will even have a Y5 at the time you need it - I think it's been filling from the "bottom up" as it's a new primary school and am not sure which year groups are established yet.

Aftershock15 Thu 01-Mar-18 16:45:09

I agree with cakeaddict it will make no difference if you meet the head and I also don’t think the university primary goes up to year 5 yet, but I think will be from September.

It might be worth informally emailing the schools to ask if they currently have spaces in the years you are interested in, if they know of any families planning to leave, and if there is already a waiting list. Otherwise it’s just a case of move and keep your fingers crossed I think.

Winnipegger78 Thu 01-Mar-18 17:14:16

Thanks cakeaddict and Aftershock15 - all good information.
Can I tell my husband this trip is mission critical anyway, haha!

Just have to be zen about all this.....

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hibiscus1 Thu 01-Mar-18 20:44:43

I wouldn't recommend taking the bus to school, very unreliable. Much faster to go by bike.

Neolara Fri 02-Mar-18 16:42:28

I agree with hibiscus. Once you are here, get hold of some bikes for everyone in the family asap. It will give you much more freedom. Everyone, even tiny children, cycle here.

Winnipegger78 Mon 05-Mar-18 14:24:10

Thank you hibiscus1 and Neolara! I am excited for this aspect of our time with you - bikes! Good to know that it really is 'the way' to go.

Can kids bike on the sidewalks, or are they required to go on the bike lanes on the road? We have a mixed bag for that rule here.....

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Neolara Tue 06-Mar-18 23:00:15

Little kids generally go on pavements. They're not really meant to but everyone does. They're on roads from about 8 years old. Cars and pedestrians are pretty aware of bikes as they are everywhere..

Happiness25 Fri 09-Mar-18 20:20:19

From Clare Hall you can get almost all the way to both UCPS and Newnham Croft on off-road cycle paths.

Biscuitsneeded Mon 12-Mar-18 20:05:24

Just thinking about this and there does seem to be a dearth of easily accessible primary schools in that area! What there are, however, on your doorstep, are a few private prep schools. Any chance you could afford a year of fees?! Otherwise I think Park Street would also be cyclable although less ideal. Or could the college house you elsewhere?

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