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Registered Nanny and babysitter

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Nichaf1995 Tue 27-Feb-18 22:40:36

Hello, I hope it’s okay to post here. Apologies if not. I thought it would be best to advertise in my local area 😊

Are you looking for a babysitter? If so, please feel free to get in touch if you have any questions or fancy a chat.

I’m a local registered nanny and babysitter with all the necessary checks and qualifications. I have over six years of experience working with children of all ages from a playgroup and nursery setting to being a nanny for three years. I currently work in a nursery part time and nanny on ad-hoc basis, I also babysit for many families during evenings and weekends.
I consider myself to be a reliable and trustworthy person who thoroughly enjoys working with children. Due to working during the day I currently offer babysitting services during evenings and weekends.
I drive and have access to my own vehicle. I am also on so please feel free to take a look at my profile, I have a few reviews on there as well. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you would like a chat 😊 email address -


Level 1 in health and social, early years and child care.

CYPOP 5 award

Child protection awareness course

Level 3 paediatric first aid certificate

Clean DBS certificate / also on the update service

Registered with CSSIW / north wales approval scheme

I am also currently in the process of completing my training to become Level 2 qualified in child care.

Thank you for reading my advert and I hope to hear from you soon 😊

PineappleExpress Sun 18-Mar-18 20:21:28

Can I ask where you did you CYPOP5 course?
I'm so annoyed that I have to do this to register with CSSIW after being registered with OFSTED for a number of years with a full diploma that covers everything in the CYPOP5 angry, but I can't find anywhere that easily offers the course online.
Most places I found seem to be very old links on Google and are no longer active, and PACEY (the only active one I can find) is saying I need to attend a briefing session before they will offer the course material, which doesn't seem to make any sense

Nichaf1995 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:08:56

Hi, yes of course! I did mine through PACEY through a session, not online. I can’t remember as it was so long ago now but I think it was on a Saturday for around 4-6 weeks (could be longer though not sure). I became registered through the North Wales approval scheme and the CYPOP5 was part of the criteria. The sessions were in some sort of community centre in Holywell. Maybe ring PACEY up and see if they can advise you? Sorry I can’t be of any more help, good luck!

Nichaf1995 Sun 18-Mar-18 21:12:14

Sorry didn’t read your post properly, you’ve already spoken with PACEY 🤭 that’s how I did mine through a session! X

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