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Tarporley again - but what about Teens?

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Tillymint41 Sat 24-Feb-18 19:55:20

Hi all,
Looking at relocating to Tarporley from within the M25. It does look lovely. Eldest DS is 8 so we're looking ahead to secondary school and the teenage years. It's a plus that Tarporley is large enough to have a secondary school, that should mean that it will be possible to build up a good network of school friends close by and have a pleasant walk to school without too much traffic to contend with.

What is it like for teens in the village? Is there anything for them to do or are they reliant on bus / lifts to Chester for everything?

What is it like for activities for primary aged children, e.g. sports clubs, dance classes etc, are there good quality activities available in the village or close by? or is that another trip to Chester!?

is traffic a problem when trying to get from Tarporley to Chester?


CharlieKat Sat 03-Mar-18 21:38:45

Hi Tillymint, I live just 5 mins drive outside Tarporley but it's our nearest place for shops/coffee/etc so I know it really well. We also relocated here from central London a few years ago.
I have primary aged children at the moment and local primary schools are all of a very high standard.
It's definitely got a good community feel and I think there are great for activities for primary age children. Mine do activities (hockey, tennis, ballet, theatre, swimming etc) all locally, good quality and compared to London no waiting lists. I'd probably say there's less for teens (but I don't have teens yet!) I definitely had to change to driving the children around more, but that's a small price to pay in my opinion for a much bigger house & garden plus vastly improved quality of life. Please ask if you have any questions. Have you looked around at property yet?

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