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Advice on renting in Glasgow

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Notjustamum10 Sat 24-Feb-18 14:49:53

Hi, we are moving from London to Glasgow West End and going to rent while look for a place to buy. We have a couple of viewings booked and wanted some advice from someone who has done this recently - are the advertised rents what they are likely to go for? Or is there a normally a negotiation? Can we make an offer slightly lower or will this risk us losing out? Or if we offer the asking rent, could someone offer higher and we lose out?

Where we are at the moment the asking rate is seen as a starting point, and rents are negotiated once you have viewed, but I don’t want to assume its the same in Glasgow.

We want to have a place to move to soon, and travelling up and down with young children for multiple viewings is not ideal. Any thoughts would be gratefully received!

Redglitter Sat 24-Feb-18 15:01:24

I've rented a few places in the West of Scotland. The prices haven't been negotiable but you could always ask. Once my deposit was paid the flat was off the market so no-one could come in with a higher offer although to be honest I've never heard of anyone offering more than the advertised rent

Basically you're going to find the advertised price is the price you'll need to pay

Notjustamum10 Sat 24-Feb-18 15:22:54

Thanks for the quick response! That makes sense, fingers crossed we find a place quickly.

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