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Spare room in Guildford for 16 yr old from Sept 2018?

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klepage Thu 22-Feb-18 10:02:08

My son has a place for September 2018 at the ACM in Guildford. We live a long way away and need to find somewhere for him to live for the year.

Do you have a child at Uni whose room is empty during term-time ? Would you be willing to offer not just a room but also a family for DS to come home to ?

He will only just be 16 at the start of his Diploma course in September. He's easygoing, likes cooking, plays guitar, is polite and trustworthy. But yes, he's a teen, so if you've already had one of those you'll have an idea - not completely organized, still need reminding, still a lot to learn about life.

Still, having found what we feel is the right course for him at ACM, I'm hoping that we'll find a friendly family for him to stay with. If this sounds like something you would be able to help with, or you know someone who might, then please get in touch.

We do know about the YMCA option; hesitant about that as they only offer a 51 week contract when he would be coming home in the holidays and it would be stretching our budget. But open to all other suggestions.

Warm wishes to all.

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