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Dinner for ten

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Bubblejames Wed 21-Feb-18 18:17:13

Hi, I’m looking for a restaurant recommendation in Brighton for my husband’s 50th for ten people. We are staying in Kemptown in a cute little guesthouse and ideally want to walk to the restaurant. None of us are from Brighton so would appreciate some advice. I’ve found all the small, highly rated trip adviser ones won’t take a party of ten. The expensive ‘private dining’ options can’t do a Saturday night or if they can it’s late or really early. I’m just looking for a sweet little bistro that will suit a variety of tastes for around £35-40 a head which serves portions big enough to fill you up! I’ve got a few months to find it but it appears to be harder than I thought, Brighton doesn’t seem to like big groups! Thank you.

Mossbystrand Wed 21-Feb-18 18:18:40

I'd call the b&b where you're staying and ask for recommendations.

Bubblejames Wed 21-Feb-18 18:23:22

Thanks, they gave me a few, Coal Shed, Blakes, and a few fish ones but none of them will take ten or they are really expensive. Very frustrating. There must be a a great bistro out there that will have us!

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