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Moving to Edinburgh with SEN DS

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MovingAgainOhWhy Wed 21-Feb-18 00:10:48

Hello All!

I currently live rurally in the Borders so not too far from Edinburgh. I have been offered a place to study a Masters at Edinburgh and we are thinking of Moving there as my partner works in different locations anyway, i.e the Borders, Dundee, Glasgow and sometimes even Edinburgh. He says the move might work out better for him and he will be home more!

I am a SAHM and this Masters (which is really a professional qualification) will benefit my career if I stay in Edinburgh long term. And I am fed up of living in the middle of nowhere with no prospects.

Things we have to consider is we have 2 kids, a DD 18 months and DS 8 years (he is ASD). I have a long term condition so can't deal with a commute from Borders into central Edinburgh, but a commute within Edinburgh will be fine. We used to live in London for years so not completely new to city life.

However, where will be quiet and relaxed for my Country-toddler and ASD DS? I don't know Edinburgh that well with regards to actually living there, and I am worried about ending up in a really studenty-bit! We currently live in a field and although we know we won't get as much space in Edinburgh, I would at least like a quiet area.

We are going to be renting and don't want to spend much more than £1000pcm on a 3 bed. Is it possible?

KingLooieCatz Thu 22-Feb-18 12:57:02

Have you been searching on-line? Based on a quick Rightmove and ESPC search, it looks like for 3 bedrooms and £1,000 pcm you would probably either get a flat in the city itself or a house further out. Rightmove has more options than ESPC rental wise.

We moved from a house in a rural village to a flat in the city. Do miss the garden a little but don't miss the work involved. Flat easier to keep on top of domestics and close to bus routes so there are loads of options for getting out and about.

MovingAgainOhWhy Fri 23-Feb-18 09:33:03

Hi King Loonie, thanks for reply

yes been searching online loads, but I was unsure of which areas are quiet?? Which areas should I avoid that might have thumping music until late at night? I have a ASD DS so keen to avoid him getting stressed. He gets worried about loud noises

I know there are loads available on Rightmove but I need help with what areas of Edinburgh might be better than others.

Yes looking forward to be able to get a bus again! And the freedom!

Thanks :-)

KingLooieCatz Fri 23-Feb-18 10:58:45

Marchmont and Bruntsfield are pretty popular with students, but there is a lot of student accommodation being built and I've heard there are more families moving into Marchmont as a result.

We're in Morningside and to be fair there are some students flats in the stair but we don't get much noise off them, although we had issues with one lot one year, addressed it vigorously with the letting management company and council and the number of tenants was reduced and carefully managed.

If you get further out into houses you're a lot less likely to have students as neighbours.

KingLooieCatz Fri 23-Feb-18 11:00:13

Colonies might be worth looking at - e.g. Shandon/Craiglockhart. Don't think they're as popular for students.

Mudeverywhere Sun 25-Feb-18 13:48:34

I also have a DS with autism who doesn’t cope with loud noises. If possible, I would avoid flats in your situation, especially in Newington, Marchmont and Bruntsfield. Not only are they likely to have students but you are paying over the odds for rent. If you’re happy a bit further out of the centre (but still on good bus routes) I’d look at Fairmilehead, Comiston, Buckstone on the South side or Corstorphine to the West or Craiglockhart, Colinton or Balerno heading South West. I suggest that you look into primary schools before finalising your choice (I assume that your son would go to mainstream and might need extra help?). Look at the City of Edinburgh Council website which has a map of catchment areas. You could also phone up and find out if there are actually spaces as they could be full. If your DS has a diagnosis this might give him greater priority for entry possibly. Good luck - Edinburgh has lots to offer as you know!

Hoodie88 Mon 26-Feb-18 17:38:29

I agree that checking out which schools have spaces might be a good first step since lots of school are full in the city. Saying that from P3 the class size can increase to 33 which might mean spaces wont be an issue - but you probably don't want your child in as big a class as this. I'd say that some schools seem to better than others at supporting children with ASD so that might be the top priority to work out first? I believe Blackhall and South Morningside have a good reputation. Both quite big schools but also likely to have spaces as lots of children leave these schools to attend private schools as the children progress through primary. Hope that helps!

MovingAgainOhWhy Wed 28-Feb-18 20:47:17

Thanks everyone this is really brilliant advise! 😊

MovingAgainOhWhy Fri 09-Mar-18 08:51:44

Thought I would resurrect my thread from last week.

I have been looking at Livingston as the train connection into Edinburgh is very good. I don't want to be driving into Edinburgh university so will need a train, tram or bus.

What is Livingston like to live? Or areas around it, also with train stations?

I should probably post in West lothian's forum too.


MovingAgainOhWhy Tue 13-Mar-18 11:44:06

For anyone that reads this, we viewed some properties in Livingston. Standard of housing is very good and area is fine, but it's not very 'magical' of 'charming' so I think we'll stick with Edinburgh itself! Not too far out etc

Ok so finalised our max rental budget at 1,200 PCM. Hopefully we'll find somewhere nice to rent!

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