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Thinking of a move to Caerleon

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ShipShapeandBristolFashion Mon 19-Feb-18 15:23:44

Hi there
My husband and I are hoping to move from Bristol to Monmouthshire/surrounds. Our house is on the market so we've got to get cracking with finding somewhere to move to.
We wanted Usk, but there isn't enough housing stock - we don't stand a chance. I've looked down the Usk Valley and have landed on Caerleon. It looks lovely. Is it?
I plan to drive the couple of miles to Newport Train Station and then get the train to Bristol a couple of times a week and Cardiff a couple of times a week. Does that sound like a sensible plan?
I've found a running club in Caerleon (not that I run!) and have seen that there's an Art Festival, so I'm hoping there will be some decent community spirit. We are looking to live in a nice quiet place (quieter than Bristol) and live walking distance from some good quality amenities. Does Caerleon fit the bill as much as it appears to?
Thanks in advance smile

CremeDeSudo Wed 14-Mar-18 13:03:21


Yes I'd say it does. It's quite 'oldie worldie' in comparison to a lot of areas locally, but has all you need in terms of shops, bars, schools, etc etc. It's quite steeped in Roman history, cobbled roads..only downside I would say would be traffic as it has a one way system and can get quite busy. Lots of community spirit and activites going on there.

Driving into Newport should be OK if you go early, but traffic towards town does get quite bad around 8am. Trains are regular, particularly to Cardiff so commuting isn't an issue.

Hope this helps! x

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