Ear piercing

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Slinky78 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:38:23


I am looking for some advice on the best way to get my 9 year olds ears pierced. We were booked to have them done at Claire's however when they checked her lobs, they said that they couldn't as the cartlidge at the back it still low. We have decided to postpone for now but the more I read up on it, the more I am considering taking her to a piercing parlour when the time comes. Looking for any advice on this and also if anyone has used a piercing studio for their own child which they would recommend. Thanks

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Aprilshowerswontbelong Mon 19-Feb-18 14:41:48

I took my 2 dd 's to a beauty salon local to us . 2 of them did an ear each dd! The younger one (5) laughed and the older one (6) screamed the place down!! They cleaned them every night under supervision and never had any problems at all.

Slinky78 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:45:58

Was a piercing gun used or a needle. Been reading that needle is safer way to have it done.

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lashestans Mon 19-Feb-18 15:07:00

a needle is only necessary for piercings where there is cartilage such as the top of the ear, no damage will be caused using a gun for lobes and much quicker and less painful for your dd also

Slinky78 Mon 19-Feb-18 15:47:10

It is really interesting as I have read that needle piercing hurts less than the gun and heals better. Thanks though for your reply.

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lashestans Mon 19-Feb-18 16:06:37

Needle definitely doesnt hurt less, the gun is over in seconds, the needle has to be put through to make the hole, taken out then jewellery put in which can be painful if the butterflies are fiddly on a freshly pierced ear

DeepfriedPizza Mon 19-Feb-18 16:10:08

Have a quick google of piercing gun vs needle and make up your own mind on that subject wink

what area are you in? perhaps someone could recommend somewhere?

OldHag1 Mon 19-Feb-18 16:20:35

I took my 9 year old to have her ears pierced at a tattoo parlour. I took the earrings out after a month and they closed over during the night. We went back and got one ear pierced as she bottled out. When we went again I put Elma cream on to numb the ear lobe. I think my daughter heals really quickly as we have to take her earrings out for an hour when she does gymnastics and they have started healing over when we try to put the earrings back in.

Groovee Thu 22-Feb-18 18:08:48

Devil’s Scribe at Haymarket is where my Dd gets her ears done. They use a needle and she said it was a lot less traumatic than when we went to Claire’s when she was little.

KarmaStar Thu 22-Feb-18 18:12:19

A jewellers is a good start possibly?that's where all our have been done as the staff highly experienced x

SilverHairedCat Thu 22-Feb-18 18:14:59

I would recommend you go to a reputable piercing studio, and that all piercings should be done with a needle.

Why? The earrings being put into the lobe with the gun are nowhere near as sharp as a needle, so you are basically slamming a blunt point through the flesh.

I've had both done in my lobes, and the needle was much less painful, better sited and healed quicker.

The training the staff get at Claires isn't up to much, far better to see a pro effluent) professional piercer.

SilverHairedCat Thu 22-Feb-18 18:15:16

Ha, sorry about the effluent! 😂

Slinky78 Thu 22-Feb-18 19:16:25

Thanks guys for the feedback. Decided to go for a needle piercing. When you read about into the gun vs needle, it is a no brainer. I have contact Studio XIII and they will pierce children of my daughters age do going to go there. Thanks again x

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