Moving to Folkestone/Hythe with y5 DD - schools 11+ query

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Orlandsundry Mon 19-Feb-18 12:39:51

Hello everyone, can you give me some advise please? We are hoping to move down to Rye/Folkestone/Hythe but I've realised that the 11+ system is quite complicated. Can someone give me a quick idiot's guide? Folkestone Grammar looks like a nice school but does anyone have any direct experience?
When would we need to actually be resident in the area in order to sit the test, and is it necessary to be tutored for it? When I did the 11+ back in the 80's we just turned up and did it!
I would ideally like to download some sample papers to see how DD would get on, is there anywhere to get them for free?
Thanks everyone, your advice would be greatly appreciated.

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TaurielTest Mon 19-Feb-18 12:49:26

I have a y5 child too. At the start of September 2018, those children who are entered for it sit the Kent Test at their primary schools, or at another site if they go to primary school outside of Kent at that time.
There is more info and a familiarization booklet for Kent Test here:

GemmaB78 Mon 19-Feb-18 12:54:37

I went to the FSG a fair few years ago (!) - back in the day when no tutoring was needed for the 11+: you just sat the test and that was that. These days, many parents get tutors: my sisters (a primary teachers who lives in Hythe) does A LOT of 11+ prep. There may well be some websites where you download free test papers so it's worth doing some searching online. There is a lot of competition for places as the local non-selective schools historically weren't that great, though I don't know the situation now. It's also worth checking the grammar schools in Ashford and Canterbury, though I suspect you will be out of the catchment areas.

TaurielTest Mon 19-Feb-18 12:57:01

More familiarization stuff here:
We are not tutoring, but we are doing a little practice with the Bond books.

Do you also know about the Shepway Test? It is specifically for admission to the two grammars in Folkestone (FSG and Harvey) and the children attend the relevant school on a Saturday to do it.

Orlandsundry Mon 19-Feb-18 13:32:00

Thanks @GemmaB78 and @puddock - I have downloaded that familiarisation booklet so will see how she gets on today.

The Shepway Test looks ideal and I doubt we'll go any further afield than the area covered. @puddock is your last link an online version? I'll get DD to have a go when she gets home.

Is FGS a nice school? I'm after friendly and supportive rather than pushy and high pressure. Do you think it will suit us?

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GemmaB78 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:21:20

I don't know how the FSG is now, but when I was there I found it both pushed students but with support where needed. For me it was the right school to be at, absolutely.

Petalflowers Mon 19-Feb-18 14:25:28

Check the admissions policy to see whether the school,has a catchment area.

State schools don’t prepare for the 11 plus, so either find a tutor or do papers,yourself during year 5. WH Smith’s and Waterstones well 11plus books.

How old is your child? Can’t remember when you have to register for the test. The test is during the first week in September,

I used to use this website for support and information during the process.


Petalflowers Mon 19-Feb-18 14:26:05

Orlandsundry Mon 19-Feb-18 14:28:00

Thanks @Petalflowers very helpful.

DD is 10 but in Y5

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Judashascomeintosomemoney Mon 19-Feb-18 14:50:55

If you’re moving to one of the villages between Folkestone and Canterbury don’t discount the two Canterbury Grammars that take girls (one co ed and one girls school). I know pupils commuting by bus from Hawkinge in to Canterbury for example. Longish journey but very doable. Also you might need to look at other non selective schools in the area I guess, this link is good, lots of very helpful stuff in here. Not always comfortable reading about some schools but the author tells it like it is and is very knowledgeable. You don’t have to be resident to sit the Kent Test, register online before the deadline which is usually July, but obviously you’ll have to have arrangements in place regarding where you sit it. Best of luck to your DD!

loopsdefruit Mon 19-Feb-18 21:00:52

FSG has gone downhill a bit :/ Dover Grammar is doing very well I think, as is Simon Langton in Canterbury.

What is your plan if you don't get a grammar place? Some of the "comps" are truly awful so it's not a bad idea to have a plan.

I went to FSG from 2005-2009, and it was reasonably good then, but results have been sliding in the last few years.

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