Moving to Liverpool - Mossley Hill?

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cass5 Mon 19-Feb-18 10:17:15

Dear All,
My parter, our two year old and I live currently in Moseley (Birmingham) which we very much enjoy but for work reasons we are considering moving to Liverpool and found a house we liked in Carnatic road, close to Sefton Park, in a gated development. We know however very little about the area so your advice on this area (or others you would recommend) would be most welcome. He works in the city center and I would need easy access to the train station as I would still be commuting to Birmingham twice a week. Your thoughts are most welcome. Thank you,

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Liverpoolmumof1 Mon 19-Feb-18 13:21:53

That’s not a bad area. I don’t know about trains much but the bus routes are excellent there.

I’m not really sure what else to tell you but if you want to ask anything specific, firecaway xx

AndWhat Mon 19-Feb-18 13:30:35

It’s a bit of a walk to a train station. Do you have a car? If so it’s a 5-10 min drive to Liverpool South Parkway to catch the train to Birmingham.
It’s a lovely area Lark Lane and Allerton Road are close by for shops, cafes and bars.
Round the corner from Liverpool College (pre prep, prep and secondary) which is a former Private school but is still highly sought after.
Roughly 20 minutes drive to the centre.
Hope this helps

cass5 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:24:17

Thank you so much,
In essence we are interested in finding a nice, safe area with good schools around and preferably with nearby restaurants, coffee shops, shops etc, as I really dislike feeling isolated. We can drive to the station however parking will not be easy there, I imagine. The house we have our eyes on is very close to the west end of Carnatic Road so very near Sefton Park, which I think is very nice. Bus as even nice areas can have very bad patches I just wanted to to know a little bit more about it from people who know this area, I suppose. Thank you so much for your help.

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cass5 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:27:19

... and also other areas in Liverpool that would be nice to live. We have considered Formby and Crosby however given that I would still need to add the commute to Birmingham we thought this would be too far.

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LockingJay Mon 19-Feb-18 14:33:17

I live very near here. I love it! Ask any questions. I’ll be happy to help.
The area is a good area ( well I would say that - I live theregrin)

Liverpoolmumof1 Mon 19-Feb-18 14:35:08

Childwall is nice and very close to the motorway for commute. Parts of West derby are nice too but you have to be quite choosy and it’s a bit of a way from city centre with no real station around. X

cass5 Mon 19-Feb-18 15:00:25

Thank you all!
LockingJay, as you live nearby, would there be any nurseries you could recommend for our 2 year old boy? And primary schools we should be considering? Also, how is the feel like? Are there any cafes, shops, restaurants walking distance? In moseley we have been a bit spoiled as we just walk down 10 minutes and we are in the center of moseley village with a lot of nice independent cafes and restaurants, so I was hoping to find something near by. I think Lark Lane that AndWhat mentioned is not very far, so that might be an option?

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LockingJay Mon 19-Feb-18 15:55:55

Hi. There are lots of nurseries close by. My Son went to a nursery not far from there. There a couple of OFSTED outstanding nurseries in the area too, but I find with nurseries the ‘feel’ and the ‘fit’ for your family are as just as important. Primary school wise I guess you would be closest to Sudley ( infant) school, Dovedale primary or Liverpool College (formerly private but not now) all of which have good reputations in the area. Coffee shops - which I am a big fan of - you could either walk to Lark Lane or along Rose Lane or up to Allerton road. Trust me, you will not be short of coffee shops!

LockingJay Mon 19-Feb-18 15:59:36

I’d check out Monkton, Kelton or Rompers all in the area which have good reputations.

LockingJay Mon 19-Feb-18 16:00:28

Any other questions feel free to ask

cass5 Mon 19-Feb-18 16:09:23

thank you, this is very encouraging!

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Usernom1234567890 Mon 19-Feb-18 16:13:07

Just to add there is a station in Mosley Hill-on Rose Lane.
Approximately a 10 min walk from Carnatic Rd.
Trains are every 30 mins & It’s 2 stops away from Liverpool Lime st.

AndWhat Mon 19-Feb-18 18:27:30

As you will be able to tell by house prices, it’s a desirable place to live in South Liverpool!
There is no end of coffee shops locally, independent and chains - there are 3 Costas on Allerton Road, plus another in the local Tesco!!
There is a farmers market once a month on Lark Lane aswell, plus a 10 min drive from the local retail park with Next, Boots and M & S. they are just completing a new cinema with restaurants there including TGIs Zizzis etc.
It’s a very family friendly area and has lots of green parks within 5/10 mins.
I wouldn’t live anywhere else!

cass5 Mon 19-Feb-18 22:45:37

Thanks, this sounds very positive. My partner had a first look at the house and we will going together for a second viewing this weekend so I will be looking at those places you suggest. Also, any idea regarding gyms near by? would you know of any sport clubs with activities for both adults and their children? Here I go to a gym + tennis club which has the advantange that parents can exercise while children are having tennis lessons. I wonder if there is something like that in Liverpool.

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Cookiesandwine Tue 20-Feb-18 08:45:24

waves at LockingJay from other side of Aigburth road

We go to a gym about five minutes away near the Docks, that's a Nuffield. But more family friendly one would be Wavertree sports centre - has swimming pool, loads for the kids and has a dedicated tennis centre.

You'll love it here, my partner moved from Birmingham and would never go back. South Liverpool is a great place to live and v family friendly. Keep an eye out on events taking place in sefton park - lots for everyone

Cookiesandwine Tue 20-Feb-18 08:47:54

Ps I think I know which house you're talking about (currently thinking about moving so v familiar with the market!) If you like it, snap it up, the property market moves quickly in S Liverpool.

cass5 Tue 20-Feb-18 10:59:15

thanks, that is very helpful. We hope the house stays there a few more days as I haven't seen it yet. I think when we move we are always anxious about not finding the things we got used to in the new place but your answers really made me feel much more at ease and positive about the move.

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Cookiesandwine Tue 20-Feb-18 14:07:05

I’m sure it will, I just mean if you see it and like it - don’t wait too long! I still can’t get over the price of houses around here. My friends down south always assume we must be able to buy a castle in liverpool for £350k!

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