Primary schools with autism units please!

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Looking2Move Sat 17-Feb-18 08:14:06

Hi all,

Looking for advice on primary schools with autism units. My son has an ehcp but we are finding the primary schools in north London where we live don't want to touch us! We are looking for an arp and were told Essex is an 'SEN friendly borough'. Would be a bonus to be by the coast too.

Thank you, we are so lost at the moment with our search, started looking in Bucks then Herts and now Essex. Third time lucky ?!

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KateGrey Sat 10-Mar-18 08:16:07

Do not touch Herts! They are one of the worst county’s for Sen (speaking as someone who has two dc with asd and ehcps). We’re in Essex and have found them pretty good. Schools are hit and miss. Ours have been great for one pre academy and have been vile to my youngest. I’d definitely look at Essex.

gallicgirl Sun 25-Mar-18 14:33:34

Are you still looking?

If you prefer a special school then St Christophers in Southend is very good. If you want mainstream, then Hamstel school has specialised SEN but I'm unsure how good it is as a school. I believe there's a school in Benfleet with has a great SEN unit but I can't recall which one, sorry.

InflagranteDelicto Sun 25-Mar-18 14:37:05

I believe Caldecott in Oxfordshire has an ASD base, and Fitzharrys certainly has. My friends son has been /is at.

In Bucks Princes Risborough school has an ASD arp. They've been great with ds. Although their ofstead was crap, they have many many good points, and tend to hold back from implementing the government's latest policies straight away.

Cornflower6 Fri 27-Apr-18 17:35:12

St Mary’s Church of England primary in Kelvedon has an Autism hub attached to the school. I would also recommend St Luke’s church school in Tiptree as an inclusive primary school (I have taught there). Check out the Essex Local Offer website for all SEN info from Essex County Council- if you’ve not already done so. xx

KateGrey Fri 27-Apr-18 18:04:29

I would also say it depends on what needs your dc has as to how good the schools will be.

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