New baby in Brighton and Hove?

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CommunityLearning Thu 15-Feb-18 14:31:27

Even the best relationships are strained during the transition from two to three. Lack of sleep, never-ending housework and new financial strains can lead to profound stress. This new research-based workshop aims to strengthen your relationship during this challenging time.

What will the Partners to Parents course cover?

• How to strengthen your relationship with your partner
• How to work together as a team and manage conflict
• What to do, and where to get support, if you think you or your partner is struggling
• How to communicate with your partner when you are feeling stressed and/or exhausted
• Explore how a couple’s sexual relationship changes when you have a baby/child and ways of improving your intimate connection to your partner

Course dates: Thursday 15th and 22nd March 2018
Time: 10am–12.30pm
Venue: Friends Centre, 2nd Floor, Tarner Children’s Centre
Tutor: Agnes Munday
Cost: Free / £30.00

Look here for more info:

To enrol call 01273 810210

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