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St Helier or Epsom?

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kozykoala Wed 14-Feb-18 20:08:40

Trying to decide where to register for my antenatal care after recently getting my BFP smile Does anyone have any experience with the maternity units at these hospitals and would you recommend them? Thanks!

Bobbiepin Wed 14-Feb-18 20:09:59

I was born at Epsom but I think my information might be out of date. Congrats!

SadieHH Wed 14-Feb-18 20:15:44

I had my two at Epsom in 2008 and 2012. Care in 2008 was shocking, and I was worried about going back for dd2. However, my second experience was a world apart and the staff were fabulous.

SadieHH Wed 14-Feb-18 20:16:03

Oh and congratulations!

witchofzog Wed 14-Feb-18 20:17:06

I was born in Epsom too lol. Not useful as this was quite a while ago. Good luck though smile

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